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India-3 is a web portal dedicated towards information & news that affects India. We give complete news related to Politics,Business,Bollywood,Sports & Science & Technology .The fundamental principles of our organisations are 'provinding a complete,un-baised & quick' news to our viewers.We consistently update our contents to update you of all the latest information.We have variety of authors at different locations dedicated for that.We give constant update on Government's announcements,schemes,decisions.We cover wide range of field of Indian Sports.We cover Indian performance in big events like Olympics,Asian Games, CommonWealth Games,Australian open,Us Open etc.We give in details,all information about Test matches,ODI,Twenty 20 matches.In field of Politics we cover all state elections along with National Election.In India political scenario changes very fast,we not only cover them,but reveal inside stories also.You will find best reviews on bollywood movies here.