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PM Modi sets two-month deadline for merger of OCI, PIO status


Nov 17,Sydney: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today assured a visa on arrival facility for Australian tourists and announced a two-month deadline for the long-pending merger of OCI and PIO status to woo the Indian diaspora from whom he sought support for his ambitious Clean India campaign

Thousands of rapturous supporters flocked to hear a public address by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the first visit by an Indian premier to Australia in 28 years.

PM Modi, 64, was greeted like a pop star on a trip to New York in September and received a similar reception in Sydney, which he is visiting after attending the G20 summit in Brisbane.

"Modi's a rock star!" screamed one supporter as the Indian premier took the stage to a wildly enthusiastic reception.

Highlights from his speech:

"You can take off from India at night and reach Australia the next morning. But it took 28 years for an Indian PM to reach Australia. I promise you will never need to wait that long again"

"Mother India has 250 crore arms, 200 crore of those arms are younger than 35. It's the youth of India who can help us fulfil our potential"

"Cleaning up...removing litter...this is not a job that lacks dignity...this is a job that must be respected"

"I have always admired the concept of dignity of labour in Australia. Here, a research scientist can also drive a cab"

"Neither India nor Australia can live without cricket. Cricket has brought us together but before that we had a cultural history that linked us"